Precious Art Glass


Dawn Bradley opened a studio of her own in the Rincon Valley of Tucson Arizona near the Saguaro National Monument in 2013.  She has studied and has fostered an appreciation of art glass design. The creation of fused and stained glass art are her specialties.

Precious Art Glass seeks to inspire an awareness, appreciation, and understanding of fine glass art, in particular, those created by independent artists who bravely create new expressions of modern art.

Precious Art Glass was founded on the following principles: 

1. Sourcing the best and highest quality glass supplies and materials. 

2. Working with the most beautiful and largest selection of glass in the world.  

3. Expert craftsmanship and quality construction of fine art works.

4. Leveraging modern technology to customize stained glass and fused glass artwork to customer's specific designs.

5. Having fun and enjoying the process of creating modern fine art.

The vision of Precious Art Glass is to create the perfect piece of fine glass art for customers and to create the highest quality artwork that endures for generations. 


Artists Gallery

Visit the Glass Gallery to see what others are doing in fused and stained glass! The Delphi Artist Gallery is completely free of charge and allows you to share your artwork with the world!




 Fused Dichroic Heart Plate

Fused Dichroic Heart Plate

 Fused Paw Print Plate

Fused Paw Print Plate

 Fused Wavy Flower Plate

Fused Wavy Flower Plate